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Durovis dive, smartphone virtual glasses

Desarrollo aplicación Durovis Dive

One of the most clever and innovative ideas to have come out of the wearable glasses market is the Durovis Dive. It has delved into the usage of an everyday object, used the world over, to make its virtual glasses, the smartphone. The mechanism is simple enough to consist of a smartphone coupled with two lenses that are instrumental for virtual reality immersion. The lenses are placed in such a manner that the motion sensor of the smartphone detects the user’s head movements and adjusts the movement and positioning of the eyes likewise.

This is a very good solution for brands that are looking to break through on the smartphone device market because once the development of the application is done for Durovis Dive (we provide tailored virtual glasses software development), the app and resulting software will be made readily available for users on the Play Store for Android users and the iPhone App Store for Apple users.

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