App development Oculus Rift, get your own virtual reality software 

App development Oculus Rift

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App development Oculus Rift

Bringing a Revolution – the Facebook way

One of the pioneers in the VR glasses technology is the Oculus Rift which is being developed for the market by Facebook. Currently it is the best prototype in the market, miles ahead of its nearest competitors and offers an unimaginable feeling of virtual reality to the user. The potential of the first version of the product undoubtedly convinced Mark Zuckerberg as well, because Facebook brought this product and are developing the product under its own banner. This is indeed, the future of the wearable glasses technology.

Put your Oculus Rift on and…

Once the user puts on the Oculus Rift, an immense virtual imagery is created which propels the user into an immersive reality which seems real but is, in fact, created from virtual scenarios. Many people have likened the sensation to being very near in proximity to a giant television screen but this could not be farther away from the truth. It is much more than that because this VR glasses technology provides a 360 degree user experience to the user. The immediate feeling is to have been transported to another reality wherein different scenarios are played out no matter where you turn and swivel.

Tailored virtual reality app for virtual glasses and virtual headset

Here, in Virtual Glasses Apps, we strive to create an Oculus Rift app for the customer, that is you, linking the existence of your brand to this virtual reality. Furthermore, this will be adapted to communication needs of your client or company, or for the presentation of a product, or for building and space at a fair, showroom. It can also be used in a myriad ways to act as an advertising event and as a magnet for your technical support. Some of the industries that can be covered under this development include industrial solution, sports and leisure, real estate, virtual tour, retail and a whole lot more. We also provide the Oculus Rift for rent along with the app development, so be sure to check out our prices!

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