Google cardboard app development virtual reality

Google cardboard developers app

Google Cardboard – The most surprising and low-cost VR glasses

Google cardboard app development virtual reality

Google and his creativity: app development for Google Cardboard

As a response to Facebook acquiring Oculus Rift, the other giant in the technological market, Google pulled out all its creative stops to come up with the Google Cardboard, which is a low-cost solution to VR glasses. Prior to this, Google had come up with the Google Glass but it was based on augmented reality and not on virtual reality. Needless to say, Google Glass failed to live up to its projections and was deemed not so successful.

As a result, Google has come up with a low-cost solution to present its product in the VR market in the form of Google Cardboard. The device includes basic products in the form of a cardboard, a pair of magnets, a pair of plastic lenses, and a pair of Velcro. This, coupled with the smartphone technology available to anyone these days can turn your phone into a virtual viewing device.

Google Cardboard software design: Good price, huge target.

As compared to Oculus Rift, Google’s technology is obviously not comprehensive and sophisticated, but it presents an easy and cheaper solution for mass guerrilla marketing strategies. It’s a low-cost way to promote a product or a brand. This becomes even easier to do so because here at Virtual Glasses Apps, we are able to develop any sort of app for an idea, building, scenario or a location and make it readily available on the iPhone IOS store or the Android Play Market. This is one of the best ways to come up with a cost-effective app for the VR market.

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