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Leap Motion app developers

Development for Leap Motion: your body deserves VR

Leap Motion app development

Leap motion developement dancing with Oculus Rift

Leap Motion is the perfect addition to apps developed and designed for Virtual Reality glasses. This technology helps the user to get their body detected in the virtual world, hence making it a complete immersive experience. Virtual reality is only as great as we are able to use it and this begs the question of how far can we go? If we are unable to load a complete avatar of ourselves, then the experience loses some of its charm as movement becomes a hindrance.

Real-time movement in VR

With Leap Motion, the user can have full control over movement and distance and thus, get full value of VR glasses. The accompanying video shows how Leap Motion detects real-time movement of body parts and projects it into the virtual world. This technology becomes an absolute necessity if a brand is to use the full and varied chance provided by VR glasses. We, at Virtual Glasses Apps, aim to do just that for you. We incorporate the best Leap Motion technology according to the user’s needs to make this the best avenue ever for a business.

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