Photos 360 and Videos 360 for virtual glasses

Photos 360 and Videos 360 for virtual glasses

Don’t watch video, be in it.

The VR glasses that we at Virtual Glasses Apps work with, are able to run 360 degree panoramic videos and photos which allows the user to live the media in a completely different manner. This allows the user to live and experience any sort of space and setting which can be captured via first-hand 360 degrees.

Video 360 for virtual glasses

The video accompanying this text shows and explains the exact manner in which this technology works. For instance, if you are viewing a video in normal mode, then you can only see what’s going on in the video, but by using VR glasses and watching 360degree videos or panoramic photos, you are able to see what’s happening all around you. This is an extension of real life scenarios. You can turn your head to the left or the right, up or down and you would still be able to view the scenarios in motion.

Photos 360 for virtual glasses

The recording and capturing of the 360 degree videos or photos are done with specialized equipment. It takes a single session which goes on a for a few hours and once it’s done, this becomes the ideal way in which you can make a presentation of outdoor and indoor spaces, museums and sports, etc.
The possibilities are endless!

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