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Boom-time for Architects because virtual reality

There could not be a better time for aspiring or seasoned architecture dabblers than right now. With the advent of virtual reality, the possibilities have become endless and thus, ensuring that no space, whether big or small is out of reach of anyone. With the help of VR, there are no limits on recreating atmosphere and spaces and can be easily teleported to your customer or client no matter wherever they are, in the world. So if you are pitching for an investment for the building, customizing the designing aspect or simply promoting your particular brand or space, virtual reality is the way to go!
Virtual reality is not something to be thought of a concept of the future because it is already here, in our present. Almost all of the major technology companies have jumped on the bandwagon to develop their own version of VR glasses and headsets and in no time, most, if not all facets of business would be conducted through this. Some of the leaders in the development of VR glasses and headsets are:


Virtual Architecture – Pure Realism

The possibilities offered by virtual reality to the world of architecture are limitless. There are a whole different ways in which the world of architecture, as we know, would be changed. But we could broadly categorise it in two segments.

  1. The initial capturing of existing architectural spaces like museums, buildings, restaurants, exhibitions and the like through the 360 degree panoramic video and panoramic photography. This ensures that the user who gets to view the videos and photographs from a remote location can be transferred, virtually, to the location in mind, to get a perfect idea of the architecture.
  2. By the development of a virtual application, already existing or not. By using VR, architects can get apps that could virtually transport them to open and closed spaces, buildings, museums, fairs, rooms and anywhere else, whether they have been built or not.

This ensures that projects that are yet to be fulfilled can actually be made with precision in virtual reality and presented to investors and clients alike for a viewing. This opens up various possibilities for further investment and participation like never before.

Converting your project into virtual reality through a virtual glasses app is the future of architectural sector because this affords you the option of displaying the final and end product without having to build the entire thing or take the restricted help of notes and computer sketches. For this reason, many leading architectural groups over the US have been using virtual reality to forward their projects. One of the leading architectural groups, the Panoptic Group, has been actively using the VR technology since the last two years, running their projects in the Oculus Rift headsets.

However, the world is catching up and the technology is becoming more readily available to everyone rather than a few big investment groups and developers. It won’t be long before every facet of business branding and promotional activities would be done through the medium of virtual reality. As a result, it is very imperative to get a foothold in the VR market at the correct time to make the best of it. This will help in creating a better and stronger background, ensuring success in architectural and creative innovations!

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